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Apr 27, 2020
Hi, any advise would be appreciated.

We just had to put one of our girlie's to sleep. She had an xray and turns out her resp issues were tumors. So we are left with one baby.

Her name is daisy and she is full of energy, and can be a stubborn girlie. We think she is about 1year 6 months but was a rescue so can't be 100% sure. In the past when we have had one left we have always got some new babies but unfortunately we cannot do this this time.

So any advise to try and keep our girlie happy. We thought about changing her to a smaller cage as she has a floor to ceiling cage, where we originally had 4, so thought it might help but the vet said changing her cage may stress her out more.

We are going to try and keep her routine the same, coming out the same time every night, fresh food same time of day etc. She isn't a cuddle bug and never has been so just wondering how we can comfort her.



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Jul 21, 2007
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Would it be possible to adopt another adult rat, such as another girl or a neutered boy, that you could gradually intro Daisy to?
You could check with good rat rescues, shelters, or see if any adult ratties are being rehomed in your area. It looks like you are in the UK?? You might also check with breeders to see if any have an older rattie that needs a good home. (We have info in our Reference Thread re gradual intros, etc, also joinrats.com)

Daisy could live for another year or longer ................................ that is a very long time for a rat to be alone without at least one friend.
Although there are things that can help, there is nothing that you can do to replace rattie friends.
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Big Schpog

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Jul 8, 2020
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Daisy needs to have a friend. Rats are social beings, just like humans. We aren't meant to be alone and neither are they. You must find another rat or two for her.

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