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May 30, 2024
i unfortunately had a super rough start to rat ownership. i got my first boy, Kakashi, as a surprise christmas gift last year (2023) at 2 weeks old according to the pet store. he had a cagemate my now-ex partner had. He’s a pink eyed albino with all but 1 finger missing on his front right paw, the rest in tact. well, partner and i split and kakashi’s cagemate passed away between the break up and me collecting Kakashi (1 week) . i, of course, had to get him a new cagemate when i collected him. That’s when I bought Chidori. I wasn’t ready to own rats, i wanted to research more to avoid things like what I’m about to detail but dome my best to be ready. I didn’t know how to intro them properly and did not have a good cage set up. this is where my problem arises

i had not realised until recently Chidori has been bullying Kakashi, my original rat. neither of them are neutered, both around the same age of 6-7 months approx. I thought my boys were play fighting until it was pointed out to me it was actual fighting. Kakashi has marks under his chin, behind his ears, on his back and around his arms. I think Chidori does the worst when I’m not looking/around. i’d be looking away in dead silence, look to the cage, and Chidori has Kakashi pinned down and either just holding him there or aggressively grooming him. i’m also wondering if Kakashi being disabled is why Chidori attacks him. he isn’t always hostile towards Kakashi. it’s winter here so oftentimes they are snuggling.

i currently have chidori separated in a timeout cage because I finally witnessed it this time. chidori was chasing Kakashi while Kakashi had food in his mouth and Chidori was biting Kakashi while cornering him.

now to my question- how long do i keep him in timeout for? and what should i do to try and help now?I’ve tossed up whether to get a third rat, get Chidori neutered (finances are what’s stopping those options) or reintros. they’ve been cagemates for 5 months now from approximately 1 month old I just worry about separating them in this process since I only have the 2 boys so they will be alone

their cage is an unbranded “bird” cage that looks basically identical to the cage I was borrowing before from the person who told me my boys were fighting and helped me a bit along the way. the dimensions of this cage are 76.2x45.7x157cm and has 4 platforms set up. they have 1-2 wood huts, 2 wood chews, a wood bridge, foraging ball, a tunnel, another ball, wood perch and 2 other chew toys. i’m in the process of getting their cage how i want it which i am also hoping will help with aggression

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