Shelled nuts? How many is to much?

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May 21, 2020
New York
I have two boys about 8 months old now, and they refuse to chew anything except paper towels and their beds. That was until we gave them shelled nuts! They are still super picky and don’t like the hassle of anything (except almonds) unless we add a lil pre crack to them but they love the shelled almonds. I want to make sure they get proper chewing to keep their teeth healthy but I don’t want my boys getting to much fat. Is one almond/walnut a day each to much? How often should be sufficient for their teeth without making them get fat(ter then they already are)


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Jul 21, 2007
central New Brunswick Canada
Rats will hgrind their teeth together - this is called bruxing and it will keep their teeth worn down.
You do not need to give them anything to keep their teeth worn down as long as their teeth are not misaligned.

You are right, nuts are fattening so you would want them to ba an occasional treat
I know that some people give their rats shelled nuts as occasional treats, other people feel this is dangerous and that some types of nuts in the shell might cause teeth issues

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