RIP Char ❤

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Feb 23, 2021
I only had you for three days, but I promise I tried to help you. You were so small and already sick, I hoped the antibiotics would help but I think I was just too late in general. I'm so sorry you didn't get to stay longer, but I hope you were happy while you were here. You were such a sweet little guy, and you loved to snuggle. Your brother will miss you too, I can tell he already does. After three years, I forgot how fast rats steal your heart, and I forgot how much it hurts when one leaves you. When you make it to the Rainbow Bridge, my past ratties are there waiting for you; Atticus, Kiedis, Memphis, Remus, Otis, Beavis, Cletus, Simone, all 9 of the PEW babies. All of them get to be your eternal friends now, they'll help you along the way. We'll all see each other again someday, I know it. Until then... ❤❤❤


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May 9, 2020
New York
I also just lost a baby after only a week with her. She had a bad URI that didn’t respond to any medications. She was hospitalized for two days and passed there. I hate that I didn’t get to say good bye and I will miss her for the rest of my life. I know how you feel but that’s a part of owning these beautiful little creatures.

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