RI and Euthanasia

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May 6, 2018
Okay so I wasn't really sure how to title this. I have this sweet girl who is 2 years and a half. She lived with this lady who was frightened by her so she was neglected up till she was 1 year and a half or so and then I adopted her. She was kept in a tank and fed bird food etc. I brought her in and she's been on medication for RI ever since day one of being with me. We did Baytril and Doxy ( 6 weeks ) and it worked but if we stop it it comes back in a few days. About a month ago even on medication her conditioned worsened to a point where she started panicking from not being able to breath and we took her in to see a vet. They gave her a curtisone shot ( idk if this is how you write it ) and I was finally able to able to have them Get me azithromycin so she did Zithro + Baytril + Doxy. It helped for a while but now she's back to having some difficulties breathing through her nose etc when shes cleaning or eating. Nothing too serious yet, but I know it's going to progress so I wanted to ask if there is something else that can be done to help her of if it is just a matter of time till it gets worse to a point where she needs to be pts. I forgot to add she had a little lump growing ( extremely slowly ) on her tummy chest area. We took her to a vet to have it removed but the vet preformed an X-ray and we decide not to have it removed since the vet said it is too close or even attached to her diaphragma. I guess this is part of why she is having more difficulties breathing. Thank you in advanced.