Reputability of canadian rat breeders

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Mar 16, 2021
I'd like to hear some feedback about current canadian rat breeders.

On canadian websites and groups, most seem to be vilified, with a few highly praised by the community as standards of ethical breeding. When you look international, though, some of these praised breeders become themselves vilified as monstrous rat mills of no morals.

Some of these comments may be exagerated, though, and others might be outdated. It looks like there's a huge turnover rate in canadian ratteries, the average life expectancy of such operations seems to be of only a few years, 2-5 I'd reckon from old posts and dead links I've stumbled upon.

So firstly, are there canadian breeders that this community deems reputable?

Secondly, what are the problems with the other breeders that prevent them from being viewed favorably?

Importing rats sounds expensive and laborious under normal circumstances, and COVID just makes things worse. Of course, there are rescues, and I've taken rescue rats myself, but I'd like to know more about the breeders specifically.

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