Rehomed Rats


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Jun 4, 2021
Southwestern Montana
Hi y’all!

So, my neighbor got 2 pet rats from a bad owner. She treats them very well and loves them to pieces.

Unfortunately, her new roommate has a dog, Raven, who tries to eat them. On top of that, she hasn’t had much time for them between her other pets, work, and school. So she told me tonight that she was rehoming them.

I pet sit all the time for this neighbor, so I know the rats and their care. So I thought, “Why don’t I take them?”

I have some issues though that might bite me in the ass.
1. I’m 13, so I need to convince my parents to let me keep them.
2. I have a rabbit and chinchilla who I am trying to build new cages for. My parents won’t let me get new pets because of this, although they offered to pay for it, so it’s not regarding money saving (however, since my parents have been nice about the new cage thing, I’ll pay for as much as I can).
3. We just moved into our house, so my parents won’t want a new pet, likely. I need to work around this.
4. I have some closet shelves, which I have figured out how to turn into a sick rat cage. My parents might not let me build it there, though.
5. Our dog might do what Raven is trying to do to them. Although I have figured out numerous ways to keep everybody safe, I worry that my parents will concern for the rats’ safety anyway.

So, how can I work around these issues and convince my parents to let me take care of the rats?


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