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Jul 21, 2007
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ASF = Africian Soft Fur (more like a mouse but called rats)
BID = (medication is given) twice a day
doxy = the medication doxycycline
dex = the medication dexamethasone
pred = the medication prednisone
zithro = the medication azithromycin
bromo = the medication bromocriptine
cab = the medication cabergoline
clorpalm = the medication chloramphenicol palmitate
HED = hind end degeneration
IM = intramuscular, medication is injected into deep muscle
IV = Intravenous
milk belly = newborn babies have thin skin and for a few days you can see the milk in their stomach
OP = original poster
pinky = a hairless baby under 10 days old, often a newborn
PO = oral
PT = pituitary tumour
PTS = put to sleep
RMCA = Rat and Mouse Club of America
SID = (medication is given) once a day
SQ, subQ or sub-Q = subcutaneous, injected under the skin
TID = (medication is given) three times a day

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