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May 22, 2020
Johnson, RI
Hi everyone!

My name is Sam and my wife and I recently took in some rescue babies who were going to be snake food. Our friend adopted the boys and we decided that instead of adopting out the females we would try owning rats again. (Previously when we owned rats our apartment was very small and my wife struggled with her asthma during cage cleaning and in general) We are now in a house with much more space and also purchased an air purifier to help as well. We are both very excited to be able to own rats again!

Now that I’ve introduced us let’s get to the important part which is the girls ☺ We decided to go with “traditional/older” names.
*Agatha (odd eye with a splash of tan)
*Beatrice (dark almost agouti spot on one eye)
*Clementine (All tan)

I’m a little rusty on my coloring names/patterns but I’m really enjoying being back in the rat world! Also the girls are in their temporary house as we do a full restoration of a double critter nation we just purchased. (Previous owner left it outside so it needs a sanding and new paint)



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May 9, 2020
New York
Oh my goodness those babies are so cute!! It is so exciting getting ready for babies😍 I am newer to the rat world and am loving the amount of support and knowledge on this site so I hope it helps you guys too! Have fun with those cuties😀

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