rat with an anger management issue??


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Nov 22, 2009
I have a 21 mos old rat, spayed female, was surrendered to the rescue as a biter. She's a PEW so she's basically blind. Most of the time she's sweet and gets along with everyone
But during play time, she will suddenly puff up and race over to one of my two sick or weak rats, and attack them. They won't be any where near this angry girl, so I don't know why she is doing this.
Of course, now that there have been a few confrontations, the two sick/weak girls are either terrified of her or hate her.
They've co existed in the same cage peacefully for a couple of months

The girl in question, who I call my grumpy grandma LOL was surrendered as a biter. She's not really, she wasn't handled much and may have been neglected in other ways (she is very food aggressive)
She has never bitten me but will sometimes lunge at food.

she is fine with the all the other rats. I can understand how the girl who had surgery may have smelled different so that could have been a reason for her aggression in that case, but the other girl is a tiny very ill and timid girl around the same age as the grumpy grandma. She's the most inoffensive rat ever, so it's very upsetting to see this grumpy girl try to go after her

I have them separated for now but would like to work this out somehow if at all possible.

any ideas?

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