Rat Enamel Pin Badges Kickstarter

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Sep 4, 2012
UK England

I've recently started a Kickstarter to be able to create my winged rat enamel pin badges.
They will be 35mm in size and made in hard enamel. Pledges start at £8.00 for one pin badge (although higher pledges make it cheaper per pin if you want multiple rattie pins! :D
) I also have pledges which have pin badges and greetings cards (with winged rat designs on!) and A4 art prints available too.

I have stretch goals to make other winged rat designs too if we meet enough funding!

With Kickstarter, if we don't meet the funding to make the designs happen, you don't get charged, so there's no risk :) Although I really hope we can reach target and bring them to reality!

With every pledge £8.00 or over you also get a FREE A6 sized postcard featuring one of my rat artworks and 18 individual rat stickers (6 different designs) if we get funded :D
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