Powdered Baytril 10%


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Dec 23, 2021
Hi everyone!

I have a sneezy and snuffly rat with a URI. Vet was thinking mycoplasma flare up and has RX Doxycycline Twice a day and I have a nebulizer with some ventolin and inhaled steroids for symptom control that I can give 3x a day.
My rats work of breathing has increased after 3 days of treatment and I am now 1 week in since his first dose of antibiotics....(It gets better after the nebulizer but I was hoping for a slightly faster improvement overall rather than a decline..) I was eager to also give Baytril / enrofloxacin along with the doxy (The vet ignored my request to do so) so I bought some bird powder (10%) which is listed on the bag as 10g per 100g.

I used to be an RN so I've done the calculations and feel my dose is correct. I want to give my fat rat 5mg per dose so I have measured out 10g of the powder ( which should be 1000mg of medication as the bag is 10,000mg per 100g.) and mixed it in 20 ml of sterile boiled water. My dose would be a tiny 0.1ml twice a day. But when I google the powder so many people are not recommending to use it.. so for some reason - I'm holding back giving it to him. Is it okay to use the powder? If not - why not? Did I just waste $30? Am I going crazy? lol, I feel like when we have another checkup in a week the DR will add baytril for me. But i hate seeing my rat so sick... I want him to get better as soon as possible.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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