Posting Pictures, Videos, Changing your profile, Changing the title of your thread

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    To put a picture in your post (Edited)
    1. click on the green "Upload a File" box in the lower right corner
    2. find the picture you want and double click on it
    3. put the cursor in your post where you want the picture to be placed (click the cursor)
    4. click the green "full image" box next to the picture

    This can be repeated to add more pictures

    To post a video in your post,
    1. post the video on another site, such as youtube
    2. put the link to the video in your post on this forum

    Changing your Profile

    1. Click on the person icon in the upper right of the brown bar at the top of the page
    2. click on "personal Details"
    3. make changes or add information
    4, click the green "Save Changes" box at the bottom of the page

    Changing the Title of your Thread

    1. bring your thread up on your screen
    2. click the "thread Tools" box on the left side, just above your thread, above your name and the date when the thread was created
    3. click "Edit Title"
    4. type your changes into the brown box that will appear
    5. click the green "Save Changes" box
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    The Upload a File is at the bottom of every post. You do not need to use the More Options green button. Just use the Upload a File. But, you can use the More Options and will still have the Upload a File show, too.

    Also, copy and paste images works also. So you can copy an image from another place and paste it into your message. This is done with the right mouse button.

    Thank you SQ for this thread, it will help many people.
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