Possible tumor in mouth, what do I do?


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Nov 6, 2021
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Hello lovely rat community!

Mr. Rat is a rescue. (I suspect he is about 2 years and 11 months old) he has remained pretty aggressive around fingers, he tolerates me though. Sadly I can’t take him to see my vet, but she has prescribed him things before for porphyrin flair ups. Otherwise he has been a healthy boy all his life.

Around the 1st of October, I noticed a nasty cyst on his the outside of his cheek. Looking in his mouth I could see his right lip lifted out a little from where it would meet his teeth on the side, it was dark red and looked like a fresh open wound inside his mouth. No visible swelling on the outside of his face, just the lifted lip. No blood or anything sharp around that would have pierced his mouth.

My vet suggested it was a tumor and gave me doxycycline and piroxicam (an anti inflammatory) which he took for 3 weeks. He has been off now for a week and I need to try something else.

The effected area has grown a bit, his lip is definitely puffed up on the outside more. and the color is a darker red now. The cyst has since healed and scabbed

His teeth still look perfectly healthy and his habits have not changed at all while this has been going on.

Any other suggestions for things I can try? Should I try a different antibiotic? I have a nebulizer and inhalant saline, I have never had to use it but is there something I could give him that way to help? Thank you!

(Apologies for the terrible pics, tried my best)


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Jul 21, 2007
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In the first pic you can see that bottom incisor has an angle to it meaning you may be dealing with malocclusion where the teeth grow crooked and don't align up anymore to grind down straight and even when he bruxxes. A tooth growing into his cheek is exactly what this would look like, inflammation, hardening, infection. You said his teeth looked healthy but you are going to have to lift his lip to see if the tops are even across.

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