Plugs found on year old rat

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Sep 14, 2020
Hi there!

So, I've been a rat owner for 5 years, and I've heard of them but never seen/experienced penis plugs before. Long story short, I was doing my morning checks to say good morning and checking for any lumps, bumps, and what have you (even moreso now due to the wildfire smoke), and I pick Brownie up as I usually does cuz he always jumps from the cage to greet me. I held him up to my face so he could give me his kisses he usually does on my nose when I noticed he had a weird white gunk hanging from his sheath. From google, it wasn't exactly "hard wax" type, but it wasn't soft and runny either. Kind of inbetween and covered in a slimy substance. It was completely odorless, and completely white so I'm not sure if it was an infection or discharge or not. It didn't take anything to get out, just took some pinchers and it came right out. Sadly I didn't think to get a picture of it.

After looking online, things weren't really adding up cuz he'll be a year old next month guesstimating with us getting him last December, and he constantly is cleaning himself and that area especially to the point my husband and I joke he's "exposing himself to the entire cage" or that he needs to "Put it away." After I removed it, I put him back and he immediately went to cleaning himself in that area, too. He's acting as normal as usual, bouncing out of the cage when he hears me grabbing the puffs, eating like the pig he is, and drinking. At the time of making this, I'm monitoring to make sure he's going to the bathroom just in case.

Trying to decide if I should just keep an eye on him for now, or just drop everything to make him an appointment with the vet.


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Jul 21, 2007
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If he can clean himself you won't need to look for penis plugs. Sounds like he was just being a bit lazy. Old, frail, obese or inflexible intact boys are the ones you keep an eye on.

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