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Dec 30, 2020
Hey everyone, my names Jazzy. I'm sorry in advance if this is long, there's a few different issues at hand😅

I have a boy named Oni, he's around a year and 6 old. He's been diagnosed with Mycoplasma a few months ago, and has been on Doxycyclene, Zithromax, and Metacam since.
The Doxy and Zithro twice a day for two weeks and the Metacam for the first 2-3 days of the two weeks.
However the vet I usually take him to is home sick, so he's been having to see someone else at the same vet clinic for a while now.
However, today when i took him to the vet, the new vet lady decided to take him off the Zithromax completely, and change the dosage of the Metacam from 0.02ml, once a day for the first 2-3 days of starting the medication and put him on 0.36ml TWICE a day for 5-7 days.
But as the usual vet he sees and has been seeing for the past year is home sick, I couldn't get much information as to why, but the one thing the vet that he usually sees did say when she first prescribed him the Metcam was that I was NOT allowed to give him anymore. So I'm confused as to why the vet changed his dosages completely, considering she could see the other vet who is home sicks notes, and considering the fact Oni doesn't seem to be getting better, and also sometimes struggles to get oxygen. Why take away one of his medications? And give a bigger dosage of the one medication the vet strictly told me NOT to ever do?
Another worry i have is that recently his cage mate passed away and left me and him behind, so hes not feeling the greatest at all, Toki (the one who passed) was the who brought him out of his shell as Oni is quite timid, so now that we have lost Toki, Oni just isn't himself.
I do understand that rats should never be alone, and I am looking at what options we have as both him and I are both very upset at the moment. But due to the greif, he is less active, almost no playing, and he's never been a fan of playing freerom as he's quite timid, he's not even fond of cuddles on the bed really, he's always been timid, but now that he's lost Toki (who was the one who cuddled and played and really helped Oni open u, hes even more timid, and I find it hard to comfort him as he's easily stressed, and I don't want to make him feel any worse as he's already sick and going through greif. So I'm finding it really difficult to find ways to get him to play, or even forage, he has a decent sized cage, many hammocks, tunnels, wooden hideaways, toys, wood chews, everything, and he's just not feeling any of it, he doesnt really want to eat or drink water and just sleeps or lays around all day.

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