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Feb 10, 2020
United States
Hi everyone! My name is Jessie. I'm 23 and I've had rats since I graduated high school. I very recently lost one of my girls and I've been feeling the need to find more rat lovers to share my girls with. I got rats shortly after I moved into my own place, because someone told me they were the cleanest, cheapest, and easiest small animal to care for (if I ever see this person again we're having words). I was an idiot and didn't do proper research and just believed my manager (worked at the pet store) ended up bringing home a single rat in a large rabbit cage. THEN did my research and promptly found another rat and bought all the proper things for them... $400 later I had Boof, Bree, Ana, and Pepper cuz I saw two gorgeously colored rats at the store when I went to get my cage and I had to bring them home. This is them the week I got them. The blue is Ana, the agouti is Pepper, the PEW is Bree, and the black is Boof.
Dec 2018 the OG Girls Ana, Pepper, Boof, and Bree.jpg
Feb 2018 The original 4 Ana, Pepper, Boof, and Bree.jpg

Since then I've gotten a pair of dumbo sisters named Roxie and Luna.
Dec 2019 Roxie and Luna.jpg

I also fostered two boys named Boris and Marky.
May 2018 Boris and Marky bath.jpg

Ana passed away just a few days ago. She had to be put down because of a pituitary tumor, which is the most horrible way for a rat to go. She wasn't able to walk or eat or drink on her own. Bree passed away during surgery on a mammary tumor last year. She just never woke up from the anesthesia.


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