New ratty sleeping alone a lot, bullied?


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Aug 18, 2020
Hi everyone,

We just got a new baby girl and went through introductions the last 3 weeks with our other 4 girls. We don't know her age unfortunately but before we got her, she lived with her sister who passed away, and then 2 weeks by herself. Introductions went relatively well, a few tiny fights but nothing too serious. After going through with small cage, bigger cage towards their actual cage, they were actually sleeping together really peacefully.

However since 5 days she has now continuously been sleeping by herself in a completely different side of the cage. Our other 4 rats sleep on the top levels in space pods and hammocks, while our new lady sleeps at the bottom of the cage by herself. Sometimes new fights break out (nothing too serious and mostly during free roam) which I wasn't expecting anymore because they seemed to have overcome their hierarchy issues. She still eats, sleeps and drinks normally but I am just afraid she is being bullied out of the other places. This behaviour started since I added all the "normal" stuff in the cage, including their cooling stones which they pee on quite a lot. Should I keep these in (with a lot of scent marks) or maybe take them out and see if the balance comes back? Or should I just give it more time?

Thank you!


Ava Hobbs

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Aug 16, 2021
hi i am not sure what is happening but have you checked for bit marks under the fur? my rats have been living together for about a year and they still kind of bully the one in my profile picture. if there is no bite marks then it shouldn't be to bad and maybe you could try separating the new rat with one other rat for a day and just let them get to know each other. you could try that or just keep an eye on them and if anything to serious occurs you could look at taking her to the vet to get a check.

i hope every thing goes well😝
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