New fuzzies! Please welcome Arthur and James Bean

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Apr 12, 2013
Ontario, Canada
Late last week, CTV News ran an article on an incident in Guelph. Someone had gone to the Guelph Humane Society and asked to surrender 25 rats because they could no longer care for all of them. Some were/are pregnant, so that 25 has become 30 and will become 40+ very soon. At the bottom of the article was a picture of this gorgeous black and white Dumbo boy. He immediately made a nest in my heart.

The article mentioned that some of the rats would be ready to go as of the weekend. We checked the site and found the boy in question. He and a buddy were available! We put in an application, and today we brought home Arthur and James Bean. (It's kind of hard to tell from the photo, but James has Grumpycat colouring/markings.)

Arthur (the Dumbo) is curious, a bit timid, and not sure about being petted; I don't think they got a lot of people-time where they were. He was pretty exhausted by the whole experience. Got home, explored for a few minutes, had a little snack, then found the coziest nap corner and sacked out. He definitely perked up after a nap. He's currently exploring the concept of climbable walls.

James is incredibly social and licky. He is a lap loaf and a face groomer. My hairline has never been so pristine. He was the first of the boys to explore the wheel.


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