New babie ratties , slightly older rattie agressive help !

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Jul 4, 2020
We got to female ratties ,we had them as babys one passed away 3 monrh later during lock down I think they were about six month , so we decided to get her some new company as we didn't want her on her on her own, we separated the cage into two , cookie upstairs and babies down , we introduced them on the setee and cookie run towards them and she made contact like attacking them ,they squeaked ,cookie puffed up like a ball, so we separated them , checked babies over ,there was no injuries, cookie is normally so sweet ,never bit ,nothing , so we have since tried daily to have them running free in the sitting room with us watching closely , cookie some times ignores them , but then all of a sudden she will lunge and attack and puff up leading my new babies to squeaking , I have a huge new cage coming and I wanted them to live in it together , do I keep trying? I dont want luna or looloo hurt , cookie knows they are under her in the cage and she ignores them , but when they are free she just lunges at them , its stressful as I dont want them fighting , I am trying to build trust and a bond with the new girls and I feel they wont trust me if this keeps happening , got a feeling I am going to end up with two cages , any advice ? ,

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