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Jul 2, 2020
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Hello, nice to meet you all!
I am pingu and I have 4 baby boy ratties. They are, Atticus (only one grey patch on his face), Scabbers (two grey patches on face), Splinter (black patches) and Remie (he also has two grey patches on his face, but they are bigger and he is overall much smaller).
I have literally had them since birth, long story, but came home to a pile of babies after one of my two (rescued) females gave birth. They all seemed good, I have been handling them since they were a week old, mummy rat (Annie) was happy etc. I have had rats before but never new babies!
Anyway, I had them all vet checked and the 4 boy babies all showed signs of chromodacryorrhea but the girls all good.

So The boys are now 12 weeks old and both Splinter and Remie have little to no use of their back legs. This is something I’ve never come across this and I’m looking for ideas to make sure they are happy and healthy. They have a Zeno 3 empire cage at my place and they have a Furat plus rat cage at my friends. In the Furat cage, Remie will climb and be a bit more playful, but I haven’t seen Splinter climb in ages. Remie doesn’t climb in the Zeno cage.

Both cages have multiple levels, ladders, ropes etc. I will share some photos. But clearly it’s not good enough for my boys and I want it to be. So does anyone have any ideas, information etc etc etc please tell me!! I love these boys, more than I can describe and I just want them to have a good life.


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Jul 21, 2007
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They are adorable. I think they should be just fine in their cage even with their conditions. It will be later when they are older that you might be need some modifications.

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