Nails falling off, please help!

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Dec 30, 2012
Chicago, IL
We order our Oxbow from which comes out of be a lot cheaper than buying it at Petsmart since they sell it in 3lb bags for $13.99. We used to buy the 40 lb bag, but now get the 20lb bag. You would need 6 1/2 bags from Petsmart to get 20 lbs and that would cost $90.94 without tax. Infact, we get almost all our stuff here. We use Kaytee Clean & Cozy on the shelves we don't have fleece on and I don't have an dust problems and find it much better and Carefresh! However, I now see that the Kaytee is cheaper at Petsmart since they now have the 55.7L bag. :thumbup: Welcome to the shack ... atid=16965


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May 22, 2023
coeur d alene idaho
hi i’m having the same problem too and idk what to do. i’ve had them for maybe a year and a half to two years maybe 2 and a half and i’ve never had this problem until now. i have 3 rats, and one is losing weight fast and she’s always been kinda chunky so it’s concerning me. i just noticed yesterday that her nails were like black and looked like their was blood around them or under them or something and it still hasn’t gone away. i’ve always had them on the same food seed mix and they love it- they have a big wire cage and plenty of stuff to play and climb on along with a hammock and stuff. it’s just a sudden change with her and it’s scaring me and i’ve looked everywhere online and found nothing. this isn’t like her at all so if anyone knows anything that would be wonderful. thank you.

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