Mammary tumor?


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Apr 8, 2020
Hi, so I just found something I suspect could be a mammary tumor on my (not spaid) 11 month old rat. If it is what I think, it is still in the very early stages as it is currently smaller then the size of a rice corn... it is located under her arm pits, at the second nipple from what I can feel (she dosen't really stay still for any examination to be precise). I think I first felt a week ago, but it might be longer as it diden't register with me imediately that it migth not be her nipple.
Is there anything else it could be?
Should I take her imediately to the vet or wait a bit and look out for any changes I could report to the vet?
I'm asking because I'm known to be very paranoid when it comes to my pets health and happiness but given that it is my first time owning rats I don't really know what to expect or how to behave in this situation... my dog has had a few lumps before but they always where fat beeng traped under his skin. Given the location of her lump I don't have much hope it's the same thing with my rat.
I don't know if this can help but I read somewhere that weight plays a somewhat important role in the grwoth rate: she currently is aronud 360 grams (just like her sister) and the lump has staied the same (or grown uperceptably) for now.
The only other thing I know is that their parents where the resoult of a acidental litter from two petshop rats.
Thenks for any advice!
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