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Jul 21, 2007
central New Brunswick Canada
Mainely Rat Rescue is an excellent rat rescue.

It was started in 2007 by four women who came together to help rats.
In 2007, I was searching for people to help over 20 rats my mother's cousin had for sale in Maine. He was willing to give me every single ratties as he just wanted to get rid of them. Since I did not think I could transport them into Canada, and was unable to find help in the USA I ended up traveling for two days to take them to a shelter in Maine. One of the 4 women and I communicated before I picked up the rats, but the shelter she worked at was unable to help. After I took the ratties to a shelter in Maine, these wonderful 4 women made arrangements to get all the rats from that shelter along with 2 others at the shelter, take them to the shelter where one of them worked, and find them good homes. Another USA rat rescue organization I had been in contact with, that was run by a veterinarian and unfortunately no longer exists, had each of the ratties spayed and neutered. All the ratties found good homes …… and Mainely Rat Rescue was created.

In the years that followed, I worked with Mainely Rat Rescue to rescue large groups of rats in New Brunswick Canada, and transport them to Maine, where Mainely Rat Rescue was able to find them good homes. (There are no rat rescues and only 1 kill shelter in NB that is willing to take in ratties.) Unfortunately 1013 was the last year I was able to work with Mainely Rat Rescue as they decided not to take in any more rats from NB Canada.

Mainely Rat Rescue (MRR) is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2007 by four women who saw a need to save unwanted and often misunderstood, domestic pet rats. Having worked and/or volunteered for animal shelters and other rescues, they had been using their available resources individually and were re-homing abandoned pocket pets. They decided to rally together, combine resources and share contacts, and founded Mainely Rat Rescue.

Mainely Rat Rescue’s mission is to rehabilitate and find homes for surrendered or abandoned domestic rats, as well as to spread awareness, education and support for this often misunderstood animal. Rats in our custody reside in foster homes throughout New England and New York. While in foster care, rats are socialized with people and other rats, giving them the skills they need to make great companions. Proper food, housing and health care are provided to all rats until they find their forever home.

Mainely Rat Rescue also operates an online store, The Rat Roost, which offer high-quality rat food, bedding, toys, and other unique items necessary for proper rat care.

Mainely Rat Rescue does not receive funding from the state or any government agencies. All donations are greatly appreciated, and are tax deductible.
Mainely Rat Rescue has gone through some changes, and seems to have new admin and a new webpage

Former website:
Present website:

Mainely Rat Rescue also has a facebook page
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Jun 16, 2018
Yes, MRR is the organization that I foster for. They are amazing in their dedication and determination. They are somehow able to neuter and have surgeries done at almost any cost. I like to refer to MRR as an organization because thet are extremely well organized (most of the time, lol) and are parallel to none when it comes to transporting rats in need. They had been a big factor in 2 NY cases...the hiway dumping of (I believe lab rats) hundreds of rats that were surviving in the median and required an extensive gathering with traffic surrounding them, and the NY hoarding case in which a veteran ( I think if memory serves me right) let his pet rats get out of hand (and out of their cages). Before long their numbers exploded as rats will be rats. The gentleman was being evicted, or his house condemned, I forget, but once MRR contributed and promised to accept a large number of the hundreds of rats, with most females pregnant, he was given extra time to relocate (rats not so lucky, lol) and wouldn't you know it, he was such a rat loving old gentleman that he couldn't resist when a few of his rats that were not captured returned and with a few months, MRR was again called in to help take in hundreds of unsocialized free ranging incorrigibles, lol. I have been with MRR for most of their journey, and as such, I am familiar with most of their journey, which I can attest is one long, strange (but beautiful) trip.
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