Lonely Velveteen Blue.

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Andrew Mills

New Member
Apr 23, 2019
Springfield Missouri
Please repost this to where it will be seen. To anyone in the Springfield Missouri area. I'm new to the forum, never thought I'd feel the need to do this. I have roughly a 1 yr old Velveteen Russian Blue that needs to be with friends. I had two, one I rescued from someone that was moving and couldn't have him. He was pretty old and passed away a few months ago. Now I have a lonely buddy that I feel deserves a better life. Covid hit my work hard and I cant provid what he needs. I recently took him to the vet due to an injury that is now 100% better, and I realized I cant afford to do that again. I'm sure im going to get some backlash from this, trust me I dont want to be typing this right now, but I love animals more than humans and know he deserves better. If anyone has a mischief already and would like a new member to the family, please let me know. I have a two story cage and all his accessories that would go with him.



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Nov 13, 2018
Awwwww! He is SO CUTE! Hopefully you find him a good home! No judgment here! Many people were hit hard because of COVID, and can no longer take care of many different animals. The important thing is that you're trying to find him a good home, and not just dumping him, or letting him go as reptile food....

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