limp/breaths heavy/boney backside/thin coat/balding/bites healing/ate packing-puff (corn?)

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Jul 31, 2020
This rat had delivered 2 litters when we got her & is 21.5 months old. Since she got bad bites from attacks by a big male (which are almost healed), she was mainly kept inside her single CN. Unlike her female littermate, her tail is partial, she's not sturdily built, her coat isn't thick, and, she must be underweight, I'm just feeling all her bones when I put my hand on her backside. She got an almost bald spot on her head, started having a hard time climbing around, falls, ate a packing puff that must be cornstarch, is breathing heavy, limps and can't reach her ears with her back legs. Used to kiss everyone all the time, now almost never does.

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