Just operated mammary tumor came back! Need advice!!

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Apr 8, 2020
My 21 month old rat had surgery on the 28 of last month to remove 4 mammary tumors. All went well untill yesterday when I fond a big lump under one of the removal sites. Has anyone had this happen to ther rats? The vet sed that one of the lumps was infected but it was one on tho oppesid side where this is heppening. Is ther any immidiate danger or is it safe to wait a bit before I take her back?

Also my othe rat has now a lump near her anus; as soon as a can I'm taking them both to back to the vet but I wanted to know how urgent you think it is.
this is a picture of my second rat.
WhatsApp Image 2021-08-02 at 18.10.52.jpeg

Thanks for any input!!!

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