Itching and Scratching

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Mar 27, 2021
New Hampshire
Hello, How do I know if what my rat is doing is scratching or grooming. I never thought too much about it and I’m a first time rat parent but after joining this forum now I’m wondering if he might have mites or some kind of nutritional deficiency? He’s often stopping in the middle of us playing to stop and groom/scratch for minutes at a time. Even when he’s walking around my room he’s constantly stopping to do it. I am starting to be overwhelmed by everything I don’t know about rats and need to learn. I added a video to YouTube, sorry it’s a couple minutes long but just wanted to show how he’s constantly stopping to I’m itchy thinking about it! Thank you.

Edit: I’ve just been reading up because I can’t figure out how he would have gotten mites. He’s not gone anywhere and I don’t know anyone else with rats. So I read something about paper bedding and I’ve been letting him sleep in a little cardboard box. He loves it. Could mites come from there? Also I don’t see or feel any scabs.
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