Is CBD safe for rats

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Jan 18, 2020
I have to very anxious rats, Muck and Dumbo. I got them from a breeder my cousin knew, then later found out that he was actually breeding them for his snakes... They were kept in a system of dark shallow drawers with multiple rats in each drawer :(. They were not handled, or tamed. I've had them for about half a year, and am still having difficulties getting them completely comfortable with me. I am able to pet them occasionally and they like it, but eventually get scared. I take them out in a playpen I made, and I've had some problems with biting. I am beginning to start rat proofing my room, so they have more space, and can be out of their cage for much longer each day. I have been reading about CBD to help with their anxiety, but I'm still not completely sure if it's safe. I also am stuck on which brand of CBD I would use and how much, if I did end up using it. Advice would be very helpful, thanks.

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