Intro issues after 9 days

Apr 18, 2020
West Midlands, UK
Hello all,
Just wondered if you more experienced rat owners could give me some advice.

I've introduced my older guys (1.5 year) to two kittens (10 weeks at the time of intro)
For nine days it's been smooth sailing, I used the carrier method and they've been in the big cage half furnished for days now.
However last night my usually calm guy Milo suddenly bit one of the kittens. He gave him a tiny gash, nothing too serious. But I've noticed since he keeps chasing both the kittens until they hide in the bed, getting fluffy and so on.

What do I do now? Seperate him and the kittens back to the carrier for some one on one? Or reduce the cage size again?
Really disappointed after such a great week. Any help would be appreciated.

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