Howdy from Virginia!

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Feb 20, 2021
Virginia, USA
Hey everybody! I've ended up at this forum a lot over the past 5 months as I learned to be a first time rat mom so first of all, thank you to everybody who's posted such helpful information! Figured I might as well join up. I've got two furry kiddos that aren't quite a year old yet. The grey is Nico and she's got a white belly and little white socks and the one with white on her back is Toni.

At the time when I got them, in the middle of lockdown, there weren't even rats in pet stores and there's no reputable breeder nearby, so they were rescued feeders. This means their health is a little more tricky than your average rodent and I know I probably won't have as long with them, but it's been so wonderful seeing them learn how to climb and explore and play and it's been so rewarding to earn their trust, that I really wouldn't have it any other way. They were so shy and scared when they first came home and now they have me wrapped around their tiny little fingers. 🥰


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