How to outsmart your rat babies when it’s medication time?


Sep 13, 2021
New Jersey
I recently took my little girl to a vet and the vet prescribed her baby Benadryl for her sneezing (heart & lungs sounded good, healthy babies besides that)

Yesterday I was able to give her her dose mixed with some apple sauce.

Today- I feel like she realized what I’ve done lmao. I tried the same thing, apple sauce on a popsicle stick AND SHE LITERALLY PUSHED IT AWAY LMAO. So I tried getting creative and adding it to her puff treat , putting a little on a nut, etc and every time she smelled it & she snuffed it. I feel like she can smell the cherry flavoring and doesn’t want it.

I don’t yet feel comfortable holding her down and forcing her to take it. Any advice to trick her into taking it?

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