How often do you change U-Haul pads?


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Mar 8, 2021
St Paul
Our girls just got upgraded to a double CN and I leave most of the flat levels out to make room for lots of active things. However, I added one shelf to hold a dig box. The dig box is a little smaller than the shelf, and my girls love to pee on all hard surfaces, lol, so I covered the shelf with fleece. That definitely has not deterred the peeing, and of course the following stink. I could look for a bigger box that takes up the whole shelf and hope that discourages them from peeing on it, but they're stubborn so I'm not holding my breath, lol. (Sidenote: They're mostly litter trained for poo, and I have pee rocks in their litter boxes, but they mostly just pee wherever they want.)

So, long story short, I'm wondering if putting those U-Haul furniture pads/blankets under the fleece would help with the smell problem when they pee on the shelf? How often do you find you need to change it out to keep things fresh? I use a deep layer of care fresh paper bedding in the base and that works great for keeping smells at bay, but I know that will all just end up on the floor if I add it to a high shelf.

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