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Jan 1, 2020
How do I get my parents to understand and get that the cage I have is too small for my two growing rats and that them flipping the wheel over is bad. I am really thinking of rehoming from how much my parents seem to not care or understand they are not a animal that can just go with out being held ot played with and made to sit in their huts all day long or that changing the bedding or sheets is not a two or everyday cleaning need.My parents are not the best and yell or scream at me for point these things out and tell me to shut up and I am stuck now because I feel deep down rehoming is the best I feel that their life is shitty right now even with how much time I try to keep them out and me flipping the wheel back over and making sure they feed right just gets turn to **** between my parents duings.


Oct 10, 2019
Ottawa, Canada
Sadly, some people just don't consider rodents of any type - especially mice and rats - as much more than pests or entertaining critters (how many people also view fish; something to be watched, y'know?). Convincing someone otherwise when they're unwilling to see or hear proof is emotionally exhausting, and unfortunately going to be difficult.

As SQ mentioned, rats do get ill in overly confined spaces; particularly if ammonia from urine builds up. I compare their respiratory sensitivity to birds. And an ill rat is an expensive exotic and requires a knowledgeable veterinarian's attention. If they're concerned about cost at all, then a proper environment is a no-brainer for keeping them healthy. Plus there are some decent secondhand cages for lower prices available on places like Craigslist, you may just need to put in the extra work to toothbrush scrub each inch to make sure a secondhand piece is clean.

Rats need about 2 cubic feet of space, per rat (this can be overall floor space, spread vertically too because they enjoy climbing), so it doesn't need to be overly fancy or space-consuming. Plus, giving them this amount of space and doing a 5-minute (or less) daily spot clean & weekly deep clean will prevent them from stinking up the place. For their benefit and your parents'.
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