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Aug 18, 2020
Hey all,

Our little girl is on antibiotics for her 6th ear infection. The problem is, she normally doesn't have an issue with the less "yucky" antibiotics but recently she has decided that one of the antibiotics and also her painkiller is now considered yucky as well. I can force feed the painkillers, although I prefer not to. But the other antibiotics, Clavasceptin, is quite viscous and thick.. I don't want her to choke on it if I need to force feed. I have tried the following: olvarit baby food (both fruit or veg flavored). I have tried cat food (so the mouse ones like salmon or turkey) and I have tried dried covelescence food powder (which still works with her diluted baytril). I have also tried rice cracker, veg and and avocado (i know it's risky). We are in the middle of introducing a new buddy to the group as well, and as she is the dominant rat, she is a bit distracted now. But it seems as well that, ones she has deemed something yucky, it is yucky and she'll ignore it with all her being. I really really need her to take these antibiotics as it's our last chance of removing the ear infection for good.. maybe it is her way of telling me that she is done taking medicine.. but I really hope that's not the case. For the rest she is really lively and playful.

I hope you have some tips still..

Kindest regards,



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May 9, 2020
New York
You could try ferret malt paste. That’s what I use to give meds and even my most picky rats are obsessed with it. It has a very strong almost meaty flavor so it usually hides med flavor well. Meat baby food might work too as again it has a strong flavor. I hope that helps!
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