HELP!! Rat with suddenly declining health?

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Feb 15, 2020
Sorry to not respond sooner, but I got Fish into my vet today and got him treated! He’s got medication for an infection, and his jaw is I’m fact misaligned. I will also have to do trimming every 4-6 weeks for the rest of his life. He’s recovering from the anesthesia and is eating soft foods till he shows interest in his pellets. Apologies for not getting a photo but I spent most of my day out and talking to the vet back and forth.
I’ll be watching how quick his teeth grow now to see what the time period is before his teeth start getting too long.
He’ll be spending a bit of time in his sick cage so he doesn’t take any unnecessary falls while he’s still a bit loopy.
Thank you for all of your help, it’s kept me from panicking any more than I did.
Fish thanks you too. View attachment 13942
Best wishes to that handsome boy! And trust me, after the first clipping you will be able to do it in 2 seconds from then on. It is very easy and totally painless. 🤗

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