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Oct 6, 2019
My boys rat fell off garbage can they set him there to tie shoes” Please no bad comments there [email protected] “anyways he fell he seems active but drags his back end were I'm at they HATE RATS no vet and its sunday really no vet has anybody had this happen whats chances of him dieing could he get better i put him in a small box with heater Any help or info would be greatly appreciated poor rat was saved from being snake food we got him as a pinky 2 yr ago kids are heart broken PLEASE HELP


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Nov 13, 2018
It could have hurt his spine, or caused nerve damage, or he could just be hurting from the fall. Put him back with his buddy, or buddies, and take the heater away. Temps too high can kill a rat, and being separated from his cagemates will stress him and make any recovery more difficult. He may be in pain and need metacam (anti-inflammatory by prescription) or you can give him some children's ibuprofen. For dosing for both, go to and look under anti-inflammatory. How high was the trashcan? Maybe use this as a teaching lesson for your kiddos, and let them know rats aren't as durable as some may think, and they need to be super vigilant about how they hold them, or where they set them. Rats can spook easily, or jump for seemingly no reason. Just keep that in mind for next time. Accidents happen, so maybe hand the ratties off so you can tie shoes, pick up stuff, or anything that may take your attention off the rat for a moment. They are like toddlers, you always have to keep an eye on them. ;)


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Jul 21, 2007
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You will need to drive to take him to a good vet with the knowledge and experience to treat rats (At times I have taken 2 to 3 day trips to a get to a good vet so I understand the effort it may take)
He needs pain meds - Metacam has anti-inflammatory properties

A vet may determine that he needs a steroid such as prednisone or dex (can not be given with Metacam and not with ibuprofen and there is a couple of days waiting period between the two meds).

He may recover from the injury with treatment, or he may not.
The main thing is to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and provide a supportive environment
Some elderly rats gradually lose the functioning of their hind legs and still have good quality lives in a modified environment
- provide soft padded bedding such as a cotton or fleece baby blanket (nothing toes can get caught in) - changed several times a day
- make sure he has easy access to water - water bottle, water dish that can not be upset
- make sure he has easy access to food - in addition to his rat blocks, you can soak the blocks in cool water to make mush, organic soy infant formula thickened with baby cereal is also good as it provides many nutrients
- soft foods are easier to eat. Other soft foods you can add include baby food, cooked vegs, cooked oatmeal, a small amount of greens, etc
- I would limit handling so his spine is not further injured ……. but if he does not recover, later he may need you to help him groom himself ) people use unscented alcohol free baby wipes, a warm damp cloth, or supporting the rat's body as the rat lies on their hand/arm and soaking the rat in warm shallow water in the sink. A clean new soft tooth brush can be use to brush him in those areas hard to reach without the use of back legs

Please see the Reference Thread for good information
and this link re care of paralyzed rats

I hope your little boy is soon feeling much better
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