Help ! Doxy/zithro/baytril combo not working

Discussion in 'Health & General Care' started by Kaz, Jan 14, 2020.

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    Hi guys ,

    first time posting here.

    Mrs Brown has constant uri issues now . She’s around 27months of age .

    doxy and baytril no longer work for her , last time zithro/doxy worked but it’s not working this time ( been on it around 4 weeks ) She is completely fine within herself . Eating well and energetic , even our vet says she can’t believe how well she looks . she said she could hear a slight upper wheeze but sounds pretty good otherwise , she just makes the honking noises when excited or active

    we trialled frusemide but I’m not really sure it helped , the first 24/48 hours were no better but the forth day in she made less noise although I’m not sure if this was just a coincidence .

    I also have a nebusliser/ saline and f10 but bit dubious about this .

    I have now tried baytril/ zithro / doxy combo for a week and there doesn’t seem to be much improvement . I know steroids is maybe the next step ? Just don’t understand how she seems to improve for a few days then goes backwards !

    is there any other antibiotics people have had great success with on really stubborn uris ( if this is what it is )
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