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Jan 17, 2022
I'm pivvo and I live in Germany. I own 13 female rats. I'll just tell my rat journey so far.

I started off with two from the pet store, where they conveniently forgot to tell me that my albino, Ebisu, was a feeder until she was already boxed up. The other girl, Nobu, was a little smaller than the rest of the other fancy rats, which is why we chose her. They're tame and friendly now, but I'll never support a petstore here again.

The next two girls were from a breeder. We chose to get them so Nobu would stop stress sneezing. Two sisters. One was a wild colored dumbo, Gomi, and the other one is grey. Her name is Kenji. Both outgoing and tame from the very beginning. Three weeks later, we lost Gomi from a uterus infection. The emergency vets didn't bother trying to save her and left her waiting in a room by herself for two hours. Definetly not going there again.

A month or two later, the breeder messages me and asks if I have space for three rats from a snakefood breeder emergency. Of course I do. All of them are inbred. Two are dwarfs. One is a normal sized rex Siam. Oku, one of the dwarfs, has a headtilt. We worked hard with her and now it's hardly noticable. She's healthy and nothing scares her. Yuki, the white dwarf, dies just nine days after we got her. She, just like Gomi, came to me and snuggled with me to tell me it was time to move on. She looked like an angel and I would have loved to spend more time with her. Now, Soka. God bless her heart. She was my heart rat. She had always been very sick and was slow. The others didn't really like her, so she slept on the bed. Before deciding that she would sleep on the bed at night, she'd always wait by the cage door to be let out and smiled at me. I miss her so much. I wish I could make her come back.

A week before Soka passed, the breeder messages me again asking if I could take in another six. Three have headtilts. These are Oni, Nikaido, and Ume. The other three are normal. Their names are Asahi, Aru, and Mosu. Aru was just deemed as a biter by her previous owner. Did she actually bite? No. She just nibbled at the finger thinking it was food. Mosu was terrified of humans. The first two weeks were difficult. Oni was obese and had to lose weight, which she did. Aru was initially skittish, but is extremely confident now. Mosu is our friend as well now. Ume is the only one who hasn't really improved and her headtilt is likely neurological. She doesn't seem to mind, though.

Two days ago, I saw three girls advertised as friendly and six months old. They look younger so I assume they're just baby pictures. Turns out, however, that they are dwarves. One of them is the size of a two or three week old rat. The same size as a fancy mouse. The guy selling them swears they are six months old and his daughters lost interest in them because they got to big. He said they aren't feeders but I'm not too sure. Anyways, I took them home and now here we are with thirteen girls. Couldn't be happier.

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