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Jan 11, 2023
I’ve been pet sitting since Dec ,15 2022 until Jan 9.2023 on the day Covid supposed to go home I rushed him to the animal er his stomach all of a sudden looked like It was squeezed they gave 3 dif meds no diagnosis the pet parent did not want to pay for cbc or X-ray so next day head starting tilt one side and body he very active eating a lot as usual this is a super long story, so I’m gonna try to make the short the pet owner did not pick him up. She instead asked if I would be willing to adopt him because she found out she was pregnant and I really didn’t mind but the only thing is I was a little upset. She didn’t let those tests go through because that was important and he could have an inner ear infection or anything so last night I did not sleep at all. He completely on one side and I have to feed him he’s on his one side and I have to use cushions so he can lay on because he can’t clean his self without falling over but it’s so frustrating because if they had got the test then we probably know why he’s doing that so I’ve been communicating with her all night and she’s at 4 AM said well we’ll just get them euthanized not we will you will and I don’t agree with all of this. I’m really upset and I think you went about things wrong way I so anyway long story short again she supposed to come at 1 o’clock today to pick him up to be euthanized . He’s eating like he used to. He’s active he just on one side and I think that he just needs some different antibiotics and he’ll be fine. He doesn’t deserve to be euthanized.


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