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Jun 2, 2015
Last year I had an emergency with one of my girls, Dora, and I rushed to Gagemount Animal Hospital on Mohawk (as it had been recommended here), but instead the vet at Gagemount directed me down the street, to Dr. Andreja Kojic, at Upper Ottawa Animal Hospital. I was told Dr. Kojic was more experienced with rats, and that his clinic specialized in "pocket pets". If there was anyone who could possibly help my little girl, it would be Dr. Kojic, the vet told me.

Sadly my little girl was much too far gone in her condition, and because she was suffering, the best course of action was euthanasia. I stayed with my little darling through the entire process - comforting and petting her.

First Dr. Kojic sedated her using isofluorane gas, and once she was unconscious, he gave her a needle in the abdomen. After some time, and checking her vitals, he gave her a final needle in the heart. All the while I was there petting her and never leaving her sight. She did not make one sound, or flinch during the entire process. I believe it was completely painless, and as comfortable as it could possibly be for her. May her soul rest in peace.

Dr. Kojic is now my regular vet for my other girls. Currently he is treating one of my girls for mycoplasma, and he is even fine with me using natural remedies in conjunction with the prescriptions.

Dr. Kojic has many rattie patients and treats them with much care, and is very rat-knowledgeable. For this reason, and because I have had very good experience in his care, I highly recommend the Upper Ottawa Animal Hospital in Hamilton.

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