Hairless losing weight


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May 10, 2021
Fort Myers, Florida
So I have this young adult female hairless rat 'Minky' who was doing great as far as healthwise, in a pack with an older adult alpha female dumbo rat 'Momma' and her young adult daughter dumbo-rex 'Ratatouille'; until Momma died after about 6mos as a pack. Minkys weight, color & overall health was great at this time. After Momma died, we waited alittle bit-about 1 month-we got a 3wk old Dumbo baby -named 'Mochi'. Ratatouille seemed to start mothering the baby, but the new pack got along great! Now that the baby is a few months old, Minkys-the hairless rat-has started to lose weight, losing her color from pink to white. The baby came from a nice environment and I'm feeding all of them the same-if not more!! Can anyone tell me what's wrong with Minky-my hairless please????????? Thank you!!!!! ~Donna

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