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Jul 5, 2021
Austin TX
I know it's a long shot. But if anyone around Austin TX would like a cage, I'm giving mine away for free.

I'm moving abroad. Can't take this with me.

It's a cabinet I bought from IKEA and sealed all gaps with caulk and modified to be a home for my rats.

It contains:
-A 20 gallon tank of soil for burrowing and finding peanuts I've hidden "underground"
-A high-quality, silent 12-inch running wheel
-Wall-mounted food bowl, easily detached
-Wall-mounted glass water bottle
-Two drawers for storage
-Top drawer serves as a debris catcher when you open the doors
-The roof is carved out and has a small wire cage installed on the top
-A rat ladder (not pictured) will be included to help them reach the 3rd floor

It's super easy to clean. I just use a dust broom and pan which I store in the drawer. I sweep the shelves into the pan and then pour into the trash. There are enough gaps to give them plenty of air. The visibility is great with the glass doors, but also offers privacy with the dark black walls so they feel safe. I put a lot of thought into this. I just want it to go to a new home to make some other rats happy. Otherwise, idk, I guess I'll have to trash it. Do you have any ideas?


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