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Oct 10, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Hey gang. So I've had rats for many years now, and recently in addition to my routine adoptions, I am going to be going through a foster orientation and part of the small animal fostering I've agreed to is orphans and pregnant mother rats. I already have a separate space, where resident pets don't have access, to house fosters securely and quietly. Yes, I have experience hand-feeding orphaned animals and [minor] experience with nursing rodent mothers, but my question is - is there anything additional you guys would recommend having on-hand that may have been overlooked?

Separate space. Check.
Their own cage(s). Check.
Towels/blankets. On the way.
Hypoallergenic & unscented baby wipes. Check.
Small feeding syringes with nipple attachments. Check & on the way.

Between heating pads, warm water bottles, and heat lamps; which are safest/work best for rats?

I already have a pet first aid kit containing small scissors, self-adhering bandages, rat-safe ointments & lotions, QwikStop, small & large nail clippers... I don't want to expect the worst, but anything I could add? Note I'm in Canada, so unfortunately some recommendations for rat first aid are not available over the counter here but I do have access to a reliable exotics veterinarian.

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