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Jul 21, 2007
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Oh I missed this. The wildie got into the home, because the pandemic is forcing wild rats to find new food sources as the restaurants are shut down, etc.

Tavish got renamed to Faegan and he's been a delight. He got over his ills, except just recently I noticed that his upper incisor on the side of the bite has fallen out and his teeth are growing a little crooked. I'll be watching him carefully.

Here is Faegan 1.5 months ago

Further update I went to get Fridgey the malloclusion mom since her babies were weaned and adopted out. I ended up taking in a young baby from the group who was very sick (I took in the complicated cases from this rescue as they come up). He sadly was too weak and left us that night. Rest quietly little Dijon. :'(

Fridgey top left, middle happy Wyla, and right is little Lindy

and most recently I lost Wyla the blind sickly girl unexpectedly. She was under a year. I lost Fergus (jaw bone cancer) last night, even though he was doing fantastic with Posey's baby boys and even eating solids as well as his lab block mush.

Fridgey has a mass on her back, so these poor rats bad luck/genetics is continuing. :/
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