Fang is sick. I need help.

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Dec 29, 2021
Madison georgia
My rats name is fang. I bought him at 7 weeks old from a breeder about a year and a half ago. He’s been super happy and healthy. But now is sick. I think pneumonia. He breaths are faster then normal and noisy. Little bit of discharge from nose n eyes. Fur standing up. I’m worried sick and tried to see a vet. I’ve visited or called every veterinarian around my area and none see rats. He is still eating and drinking well. He moves around still just not as much. It makes him breath even faster. No head tilt. Not open mouth breathing as far as I can tell. But I know he is struggling. It’s been like a week now. He need help idk what else to do. I have some amoxicillin of my daughters. Should I give him some of that. What about an Albuterol inhaler? I was told infant ibuprofen but I don’t know how to measure and dose. Please please help


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Nov 12, 2018
How is fang doing? Were you able to see a vet? If you ever have urgent questions, you can message lilspaz, or post on the Facebook page : real rat lovers want to know. Also, if he's alone, he needs a friend or two. Rats need to live in groups.

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