Embarrassing penis questions.

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Jun 12, 2020
So my boys I feel are still too young for penis plugs so I’ve never had to look before. But 2 weeks ago one of my younger boys penis was stuck out and he had to be put under and sorted out as it was apparently rolled inside out and had a very large abscess at the base (the vet had great joy showing me a video of the procedure) but looked almost like a pink tube.

I wanted to add this check to my daily health check to ensure I don’t miss a problem in the future. So here come the embarrassing questions.

- Is it normal for the penis to have a darker purple type ring as it comes out? (Picture attached, sorry) it almost looks like it’s red but it’s the same on both my older boys. the vet said it should be a healthy pink which the actual penis seems to be.I don’t want to look at my younger boys until after his check up on Monday. Do they have a foreskin that is like a purple colour?

- when checking for plugs how much do you need to get it to stick out? I’m guessing it’s not comfortable for them.

- Is this something I should do daily? Or just every now and then until I notice them not grooming themselves?

sorry for the questions and sorry for the pictures. I have no idea what a normal rat penis should look like and I tried a google image search ... and I don’t ever want to go there again haha.



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Jul 21, 2007
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Your boy had paraphimosis, where the penis is pushed outside the body due to internal swelling (the abscess in his case). You only need to check for penis plugs when a rat has been very sick, is frail or obese or elderly as they are unable to reach and clean themselves which is what they normally do. Paraphimosis is a bit different than a penis plug don't worry.

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