Early sign of prostate cancer or am I being paranoid?

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Aug 28, 2020
Years ago I had a rat (Aladdin) who started lifting his tail and pushing his butt into corners sometimes when he peed. I didn't think much of it because it wasn't every time and I thought it was just a new habit. But about a month later we noticed an internal abdominal tumor and he had to be pts. My vet commented it likely started in the prostate or bladder but wasnt sure because we didnt do scans because there was nothing we could do anyway.

Since yesterday I have caught one of my current rats Petrie (14month male) doing a similar thing twice. I never noticed it before now or particularly with any of my other rats although I may just not have noticed.

The only thing that's changed in his life recently is that he moved back in with his brother after his brother was neutered for aggression. He is acting normally, actually more active and happier since having his playmate back. He's eating, drinking and I can't feel anything in his abdomin at all.

So I want to know if this is just an odd habit or something normal I just didn't notice or maybe related to scent marking because of his new cage mate. And if it is prostate cancer or something else is there anything a vet can do? Just any experience Ig

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