Do Rats really smell?

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Apr 23, 2020
Ok, so I'm getting 2 baby male rats in 2 weeks, but after more research it seems there is a very large debate on if rats smell.
Some people say the odor is unbearable while others say they can't smell it at all.
I'm in Australia, (so no critter nations) however i have a cage similar to the size for my two rats. I will use some substrate bedding on the lower floor and fleece on the higher floor, as well as on the platforms. I am going to try and litter train them.
I would like some honest advice on how badly male rats+their cage smell. If they do smell bad, is their any way to reduce it without an air purifier.
I will be cleaning litter tray every other day and cleaning out whole cage once every 7-10 days, with spot cleaning throughout the week.
Advice needed!!!!!!
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