Cutting legs off critter nation


May 18, 2009
Montreal, QC
Hi, I have critter nations but I want an addon but my ceiling is too short, but I do want to keep the wheel part but not the shelving I was wondering if anybody was successful in doing so? I read a post here to cut the lower part where the stand is on the shelf, does it work? Any feedback please, thanks

Won't be trying this, I have thought about it and I will buy some caster wheels, remove the bottom part (storage+original caster wheels)
I will add some Heavy-duty caster wheels the ones with plates, and add extra plates on the side of the Bottom Floor Panel (so I will make a sandwich plate/panel/plate with wheels, I will do this to prevent the panel grid from bending. I will probably add some bolt protectors since I have a metal pan and would not want to do any damage to it. I will take some pictures when I am done.
probably after the new year, wish me luck! lol
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